Discussions at the lunch (I love these guys...)

Alex: What are you reading?

Me: It's a book about paraphilias.

Alex: About what?

Me: Well.... you can call it "extreme cases of fetishism" too...

Alex: Antrop.... antropo... what?

Me: Antropophagy. Well, to make it easier we usually call it cannibalism... though this one is more complex than that.

Alex: Stop explaining. Just stop. And what the hell is this word?

Me: What? This one?

Alex: How do you even read it?

Me: Necrophagia.

Alex: I've heard about necrophilia and necromancy. What the hell does this one mean?

Me: You don't want to know... really..

Boss: Necrophagia means the compulsive desire to eat corpses in advanced stages of decomposition... Rare thing though. Just about 1,2% of all of the cases all together...

Alex: Wow-wow-wow!!! Wow. WOW! Just stop a bit there. You didn't mean what you just said!

Me: That's why I didn't want to explain...

Alex: I'm NEVER-NEVER-NEVER eating my lunch together with you guys! Never.

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